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Your life is a reflection of your mindset and David shares how cross stitching has helped shift his mindset and in turn elevated his life.

My name is David and I am a person living with disabilities from Gatundu town. I worked on this cross-stitch pattern. It took me two months to complete the piece as we worked on it with two other friends and we were very happy with the outcome. In the time it took me to complete the pattern, I underwent a mental change because I learned to focus on one thing at a time and perfect it. Before this, I had no way of earning money but now I am socially and financially empowered by Carakana. Many people tend to be shocked, wondering why I would be stitching- a preserve considered for women but I paid them no mind when they tried mocking me. I was paid for work done and I used the money to buy livestock. My hopes for the future is to stand on my own feet and to better the lives of my family members.

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